Who We Are:
David S. Woodruff

    Unlike most people who became green industry folks, he did not grow up in a brilliant gardening family. His memory is that he was about 10 years old before he learned that vegetable gardens were not just special fodder for the neighbor's cows. After that, maturing black walnuts severely limited what could be grown.

    Perhaps because of this gardening-deprived childhood, David began to do fairly serious greenhouse propagation while running a manufacturing business. A life of three weeks travel most months forced the development of very low maintenance gardening (although his wife has some fairly severe tales of woe that suggest this didn't always work, such as thousands of worms loose in the basement while he was safely in England for two weeks).

    After 25 years in manufacturing, David decided to leave the insanity of corporate culture and jump into a totally different type of insanity running an organic nursery. He now enjoys full time peasantry, trading meetings for planting, business reports for organic certification documentation and people management for integrated pest management. At least now he can always claim his business is growing.

Erika E. Klemm
    Meet Erika Klemm - The head grower here at W&M Land Corp. Erika began gardening organically when she was a toddler, and was instantly fascinated. by not only the growing, but also the dirt, bugs and worms - the essentials to growing the family garden! Over the years, with much guidance from her parents and grandparents, this backyard gardener's love of gardening grew into a passion as evidenced one day by realizing she had more garden than lawn. After returning to school to study horticulture, Erika found herself working as the greenhouse and garden manager at a certified organic seed company in Northern Illinois. During this time, she was introduced to David Woodruff of W&M Land Corp, as well as other professional growers, and lent a hand in producing seedlings for the Chicago Botanic Garden and Wild Oats Market. After six years of growing and saving seeds, Erika moved on to the other side of the growing spectrum and focused on producing fabulous starter plants and healthy organic food, and has never had a more fulfilling career.

    Erika is constantly seeking out exciting plant varieties - specializing in sought-after heirlooms - and takes great pride in the plants and produce she raises. We think you will find the varities offered and health and quality of the plants she raises exciting too!

W & M Land Corp Mission Statement
    Our mission is to supply the best quality, organically grown plants to the plant retail industry and for non-profit fundraisers. This will be done in a way that financially rewards all stakeholders while allowing a reasonable profit. All stakeholders-employees, supplier and of course customers-will be treated with respect, honesty and dignity.

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Our Plants are Certified Organic by MOSA Organic. For more information about MOSA, visit their website





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